About Cigars

There are three primary elements to a cigar;

- the filler (the body)
- the binder (leaf that holds it together)
- the wrapper (the outside leaf)

Like great wine, the individual character and flavour of the tobacco which is used for each of these three elements depends on a variety of factors including the composition of the soil, the climate, the fermentation process and how it has ripened.


This is a mixture of small pieces of tobacco. If the leaves come from a mix of tobacco, it is called the 'melange' or blend. Each type of tobacco contributes to the flavour and consistency of the body. A pleasant aroma and a rich flavour are vital however the filler also has to be developed so that it burns evenly.  

ECMI is expert at finding the right balance and mix of tobaccos. Only our own  blender knows the secret of each cigar brand manufactured at the plant. 

This blending process is at the heart of excellent cigar production. We consider the colour, aroma, texture and burning quality of each tobacco and we travel the world sourcing supplies - to give clients a variety of options for both premium and vlue products.  


The binder holds the body of the cigar together. The binder is a flexible strip taken from a strong tobacco leaf. Like the body, the quality of the binder affect both the burning quality and the aroma of the end product. So it's important to match the flavour of the binder with that of the body so that the combination of aromas works to best effect. 

In addition to standard binders, ECMI also manufactures cigars using HTL tobacco. This 'Homogenised Tobacco Leaf' is made up of a mix of tobaccos, which when combined together are transformed into one single whole binder.


The wrapper is made of a thin strip of the very best tobacco - at ECMI we source this tobacco from plantations in Brazil or Indonesia.

The wrapper is wound around the body using the binder. As the wrapper is the visible, outside of the cigar, it's essential that it has a consistent top-quality aroma, shape and appearance. It must also combine well with the flavours and aromas given by the body and the binder therefore it often comes from the same region.  

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Client Testimonials

“Just got cigarillo natural in today – I love them. Mild and medium taste and the aroma smells great, with spices from start to finish.”
"In our business getting orders in on time is critical and ECMI deliver every time – on time. It’s something less to worry about and that’s always a good thing."