Don Esteban

Don Esteban

Don Esteban was developed in the early 1990s, originally solely as a cigarillo brand. The process of taking the brand from an idea to the market took quite some time. The logo, which is the core identity was inspired by a stain glass window in Chartres Cathedral. Don Esteban cigarillos are manufactured using the finest quality tobaccos available. Many samples were tested at every stage of production. The wrapper leaf was chosen based on the flavour and the uniformity of colour. There were many different filler blends developed before ECMI settled on the Don Esteban blend. We are now satisfied that we have come up with cigars that are worthy of the name Don Esteban, a marque that signifies quality.  


The Don Esteban Medium and Coronas were then added to complete the family and give the smoker the choice of other cigar sizes while maintaining the flavour and quality of the original cigarillos.  


Don Esteban is available for exclusive distribution in certain markets, please contact us directly to see if it is currently available in your market. 

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Client Testimonials

“Just got cigarillo natural in today – I love them. Mild and medium taste and the aroma smells great, with spices from start to finish.”
"In our business getting orders in on time is critical and ECMI deliver every time – on time. It’s something less to worry about and that’s always a good thing."