Tins and Tubes

Cigars can be packed individually in cigar tubes for high-impact branding. They can also be packed in cigar tins on request.

ECMI can specify the requirements for cigar tins and tubes for clients and we manage this procurement process on behalf of clients however clearly this is subject to the volume of product required as it only becomes cost-effective at high volumes.

In terms of cigar branding however, cigar tins and tubes offer the capacity for instant, high-impact messaging and full colour branding - ideal for premium products.

Visit our cigar gallery to see a selection of Tins and Tubes and other packaging options for products.

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Client Testimonials

“Just got cigarillo natural in today – I love them. Mild and medium taste and the aroma smells great, with spices from start to finish.”
"In our business getting orders in on time is critical and ECMI deliver every time – on time. It’s something less to worry about and that’s always a good thing."