Price Wise


Price Wise

ECMI noticed that there was a gap in the market in the Benelux for a quality cigar at a very reasonable price point. A cigar that is positioned above some of the products that are available on the “Grey Market” which are priced very competitively but simply are not of a quality that can be enjoyed by the smoker.  


We wanted to produce a range of cigars that we knew the consumer would be happy with in both price and quality. We know that the quality of our cigars is always good regardless of the price point. We do not and will not offer second choice cigars. All of the cigars that come from our factory to all of our customers are first choice cigars.  


Despite being on the market for many years in the price competitive end of the market with own label cigars and cigarillos we had not offered our own brand. This we wanted to address. We have now done so with Price Wise cigar range.  


The Price Wise range will offer  



Wilde Spriet  


Wilde Cigars 

Half Coronas  


All of the cigars will be available in wooden boxes, of various quantities, from 25 to 200 piece boxes. 


Please contact us for further information on the brand and its availability  

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Client Testimonials

“Just got cigarillo natural in today – I love them. Mild and medium taste and the aroma smells great, with spices from start to finish.”
"In our business getting orders in on time is critical and ECMI deliver every time – on time. It’s something less to worry about and that’s always a good thing."