01 From seed to leaf 02 From leaf to cigar 03 From cigar to box

From seed to leaf

Every cigar, no matter how big or small, how expensive or how well recognised the brand – starts out life in the same way, as a very very tiny seed. The type of tobacco chosen is based on many factors, from taste, to size to durability. The seed is then selected, first planted indoors and then replanted in the tobacco field to grow and prosper.

From seed to leaf

The next stage is harvesting, it is after this that the tobacco leaves get their distinctive brown colour, when picked they are green and in the drying process they lose the green shade and develop to various shades from caramel to deep coffee colour brown hues.

The leaves are then sorted by size and colour, the higher quality with uniform colours and unbroken leaves are selected as wrapper leaves, with the less perfect leaves then being selected for either binder leaves or filler blends.

First step

So – no matter what cigar you select, from Premium Hand Made to customised machine made this cigar starts its life in the same way, in the same place – on the farm, in the field and to the tobacco barn.


From leaf to cigar

Like great wine, the individual character and flavour of the tobacco which is used for each of these three elements depends on a variety of factors including the composition of the soil, the climate, the fermentation process and how it has ripened.


1. Filler

This is a mixture of small pieces of tobacco. If the leaves come from a mix of tobacco, it is called the 'melange' or blend. Each type of tobacco contributes to the flavour and consistency of the body. A pleasant aroma and a rich flavour are vital however the filler also has to be developed so that it burns evenly.  

ECMI is expert at finding the right balance and mix of tobaccos. Only our own  blender knows the secret of each cigar brand manufactured at the plant. 

This blending process is at the heart of excellent cigar production.

2. Binder

The binder holds the body of the cigar together. The binder is a flexible strip taken from a strong tobacco leaf. Like the body, the quality of the binder affect both the burning quality and the aroma of the end product. So it's important to match the flavour of the binder with that of the body so that the combination of aromas works to best effect.  

In addition to standard binders, ECMI also manufactures cigars using HTL tobacco. This 'Homogenised Tobacco Leaf' is made up of a mix of tobaccos, which when combined together are transformed into one single whole binder.

3. Wrapper

The wrapper is made of a thin strip of the very best tobacco.
The wrapper is wound around the body using the binder. As the wrapper is the visible, outside of the cigar, it's essential that it has a consistent top-quality aroma, shape and appearance. 

It must also combine well with the flavours and aromas given by the body and the binder therefore it often comes from the same region.


From cigar to box

We have developed a range of wooden boxes from which you can choose, and we will customise these boxes with your own logo, the boxes will also be delivered following your instructions complete with the required labelling for your country.

From cigar to box

The boxes for your range will be rectangular wooden boxes, primarily containing 50 cigars per box, 25 for the larger cigars.  These boxes were carefully selected for the client customisation as they remain the most popular packaging option in the category.   However, should you require alternative packaging options, please be aware that we can also look into this for larger volume orders.

The cigars are selected by hand for your boxes extremely carefully, at all times aware that it is your brand.  Any cigars that do not reach the grade are cast aside with only the best ready for packing into your boxes.

Please go ahead, have fun choosing your range!